Management Services

Management Services Department is the core of the City's financial operations. It provides centralized financial planning, budgeting, investing, debt management, general ledger, grant accounting, accounts payable, payroll, audits, and financial reporting. In addition, the department establishes and maintains the City's administrative policies and procedures for internal controls.

The department maintains the City's IT management function and provides the housing services program to residents. Current IT applications, including accounting, assessment, budgeting, licensing, utility billing, and financial planning, are all on a PC-based network. In addition to assisting City departments in purchasing services and goods, Management Services maintains the City's telephone system and copier leasing functions. The department maintains a public service counter and serves as the central revenue collection point for the City, including water, trash, and sewer billing, various users' fee, business license, utility tax, and franchise tax.

The department serves dual functions: supporting other City departments and meeting the needs of the Monterey Park citizens.  The primary operations include financial services, data processing, purchasing, and revenue collections.

The department is organized into the following divisions and key personnel:

  • Finance: Financial Services Manager, Harry Wong
  • Support Services: Support Services Manager, Tim Shay

The primary goal of the Management Services Department is to continue enhancing its service quality to the public and all City departments. You can reach Management Services via email or by fax at 626-307-2516 (Finance; Housing) or 626-307-0753 (Support Services).