Meeting Room Reservations

Meeting Room Policy


The Library Board of Trustees has established this policy to provide fair and equitable access and to regulate the use of the meeting rooms in the library.


The Library Board of Trustees supports the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights provision on the availability of meeting rooms: "Libraries which make . . . meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make such facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use." It is of the utmost importance that the groups and individuals who use the meeting rooms understand and acknowledge that they are the guests of the library, that they are able to use the facilities at the discretion of the management of the library and their use of the facilities reflects that understanding. Library's activities and programs have first preference on the use of the library's meeting rooms. The library's meeting rooms are available for public use of a civic, cultural, or educational character. The facilities are not available for commercial purposes. Any money collected in the room belongs to the library. Meeting rooms are available only during library hours. Parking is limited.

Rooms Available

The Friends Room is 1,600 square feet and seats a maximum of 100 people and is on the second floor with inside stair and elevator access. There are approximately 100 chairs and 16 tables available. A write on/wipe off white board is available along with a large projection screen. The adjacent kitchenette is not available for use by the public. Refreshments and/or catered meals may be served. Restrooms are adjacent to the Friends Room. Booking of this room is via the Reference Desk at 626-307-1368.

There are two LAMP Classrooms on the second floor with inside stair and elevator access. The larger classroom is 950 square feet and seats a maximum of 49 people. There are 48 chairs and 24 tables available. A write on / wipe off white board is available along with a projection screen. The smaller classroom is 450 square feet and seats a maximum of 30 people. There are 22 chairs and 10 tables. No food or drink (except water) is allowed in the classrooms. Booking of this room is via LAMP office at 626-307-1251.

Permission to Use

Application forms (PDF) are available from the Reference Desk. Permission is subject to approval of the city librarian or designated representative, who reserves the right to cancel any scheduled meetings. Availability may be checked by calling the Reference Desk to reserve the Friends Room or the LAMP Office to reserve the classrooms, but reservations are not confirmed until the application has been received and approved in writing. The meeting room application must be signed at least one week prior to the meeting or the reservation will be subject to cancellation. The library reserves the right to preempt any use for a library or city-sponsored event. In such rare instances, the library will put forth every reasonable effort to give ample advance notice of such preemption and to assist the group in reserving another date or meeting room.

Liability insurance is required. User groups that are able may provide their own insurance coverage. A certificate naming the City of Monterey Park as additionally insured and an endorsement letter is required. The minimum coverage is $2,000,000 combined single limit ($1,000,000 combined single limit for events considered low hazard).

An organization or individual is required to provide a security hold of $300 once an application to reserve a meeting room is approved. This security hold can be either check or cash. The library will keep the security hold until the event is completed. If the organization or individual has abided by all rules and regulations governing meeting room usage and, following inspection by the senior library staff member in charge or designated library staff member, the premises have been left in the same condition as they were originally found, the security hold will be returned to the organization or individual. If additional maintenance or damage repair is required, the organization or individual will forfeit the $300 security hold and may be required to pay additional costs to clean or repair the room if such costs are greater than $300.

Frequency of Use

Meetings may be scheduled no more than three months in advance. The use of the meeting rooms will be limited to once a month per organization or individual. An organization or individual must hold the meeting before they can book another meeting.

Rules & Regulations

Each organization wishing to use a library meeting room must agree to abide by the following rules and regulations:

  1. The meeting rooms may not be used for purposes prohibited by the City of Monterey Park or Los Angeles County ordinances, or by state or federal law. The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the groups' policies or beliefs.
  2. All meetings are to be open to the public and participants cannot be charged a fee to attend.
  3. In accordance with general library rules, no smoking is allowed, and all disruptive noise is prohibited.
  4. Persons using the facilities must conform to all fire and safety regulations, including maintaining open aisle space and abiding by occupancy limits.
  5. Users must vacate the meeting rooms by 30 minutes to library closing.
  6. Authorization for library facilities and meeting room use does not include the use of staff time other than to provide access to the facility or meeting. The library assumes no responsibility, provides no supervision for groups using the meeting rooms, accepts no deliveries, and takes no messages.
  7. Organizations need to bring any needed equipment. The only chairs and tables available are those in the room. The library supplies no storage space.
  8. Library insurance does not cover exhibits or materials brought into the library. Neither the library nor the city assumes responsibility for materials, equipment or other articles left by any organization, group, or individual in the library and will not be liable for loss, theft, or damage thereto.
  9. Each organization is responsible for its own publicity. Signs and directions cannot be posted anywhere in the library advertising the program except signs approved to be placed on the community bulletin board. The library does not make announcements over the public address system for non-library-sponsored programs.
  10. Groups desiring to serve refreshments in the Friends Room may do so if the premises are left in the same condition as they were found. Food service will be restricted to the confines of the room. No alcoholic beverages may be served. If additional maintenance or damage repair is required, the user will forfeit the $300 security hold and may be required to pay additional costs to clean or repair the room if such costs are greater than $300.
  11. In the case of any problems regarding the room and its use, the librarian in charge has the right to make a decision regarding appropriate use of the room.
  12. The Reference Desk must be notified of all cancellations of the Friends Room and the LAMP Office for the classrooms as early as possible. The Reference Desk or the LAMP Office must be notified of a change in program chairperson or person responsible for the meeting room and any change in purpose of the meeting. Permission to use the meeting rooms is not transferable. Failure to notify the appropriate office of the cancellation or change in the program will affect the organization's ability to use the library's meeting rooms on future dates.
  13. In the event that an organization fails to comply with any of these terms, use of library meeting rooms will be denied for one year.
  14. The Library Board of Trustees is the final authority for the implementation of the provisions of this policy and the related administrative procedures. Any requests for exceptions or waivers to these policies and procedures must be written and submitted at least one month in advance to the Library Board of Trustees for its consideration at its regular meeting.