Urban Design Plan

About the Urban Design Plan

Urban design refers to architecture, landscaping, street furniture, signage, and any physical improvement that makes a visual impression. Good urban design creates positive images for the community and can work to encourage economic development by advertising Monterey Park as a vibrant city. Since the 1990s, Monterey Park has recognized the importance of good design and has incorporated design review into the development entitlement process. This Urban Design Plan builds upon established city programs and emphasizes the city's resolve to further enhance the visual character of the community.

The key features of the urban design plan are illustrated in Figure LU-4 (PDF) and are discussed in the following paragraphs. They include:

  • City Image and Identity
  • City Gateways
  • Arterial Corridors
  • Downtown
  • Commercial Improvements

City Image and Identity

The Urban Design Plan can be a tool to achieve a sense of community and identity for the residential areas and commercial districts of Monterey Park. The city has the opportunity to improve its overall image by capitalizing on the quality of its best parts, improving its public rights-of-way, and enhancing development standards for new construction and redevelopment. Use of the urban design plan provides guidance for decision makers and staff, ensuring continuity and high quality of implementation over time.