Graffiti Cleanup & Prevention

Reporting Graffiti
To report locations tagged with graffiti...
To report the occurrence of an individual making graffiti, please call the Police Department immediately with a location and description of the individual at 626-573-1311.

City Graffiti-free Goal

Monterey Park is a city dedicated to being graffiti-free and promoting an environment of preserved beauty and safety. To help us meet this goal, the city asks for your help by reporting locations containing graffiti as well as individuals in the act of making graffiti.

About Graffiti
Graffiti is an unauthorized inscription, word, figure, or design that is marked, etched, scratched, drawn, or painted on any surface without the property owner's permission.  Unwanted, it diminishes the quality of our neighborhoods and the community.   In response to this problem, the city has taken several steps to decrease and prevent graffiti:
  • The city council adopted an ordinance asking every business or establishment selling or offering for sale any paint or dye packaged in tins, aerosol containers, paint sticks, graffiti stick or felt-tip markers with a tip, which at its broadest width is greater than 1/16" to store and maintain such graffiti implements in a locked display case or other device to prevent direct customer access (MPMC 9.90.070).
  • Any business or establishment offering for sale to the public any graffiti implement shall post and maintain a sign containing the provisions of Monterey Park Municipal Code Section 9.90.060. This Section specifies that it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 years old to purchase or otherwise obtain any graffiti implements unless such person is in the presence of his or her parent or guardian.
  • Through the use of an outside contractor, the city has implemented a graffiti removal program. The contractor will remove any graffiti from public and private properties in public view at no cost to the property owner, and within 24 hours of receipt of location.
  • A Graffiti Reward Program was established, offering up to $500 for information resulting in the successful conviction or confession of graffiti vandals. For further information on this program, you may contact the Code Enforcement Division or refer to the Monterey Park Municipal Code Section 9.90.100.

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