Plan Check & Permit Expirations

Application for Permit Expiration (Plan Review)

In most cases, an application for a permit for any proposed work is deemed abandoned 180 days after the date of filing, unless such application has been pursued in good faith or a permit has been issued.  It is therefore very important to obtain approval of the construction plans and secure the permit before the application for permit before the 180 days expiration date. 

For permit applications submitted as a result of a Code Enforcement notice of violation, the maximum period of time from the date of filing until permit issuance is reduced to 90 days. 

Extensions to the 90 day and 180 day limitations noted above may be granted by the Building Official for justifiable good cause.  Any requests for extensions must be submitted in writing to the Building Official and such requests must state the reasons for needing to exceed the expiration date. 

If you have any questions about the application for permit expiration date, please feel free to contact the Building Division at (626) 307-1300 or contact us via email at

Permit Expiration

Permits expire by limitation and become null and void if the work authorized by the permit is not:

  1. Commenced within 180 days from the date of the permit issuance, or;
  2. Suspended or abandoned at any time after the work is commenced for a period of 90 days.

For the purpose of permit expiration, work is not considered as having been commenced unless an inspection approval has been recorded by the city inspector.

Once a permit has expired, there are three options available to the permit holder. 

The three options are:

  1. Requesting extension of an unexpired permit. 
Any permittee holding an unexpired permit may apply for an extension of time within which permittee may commence work under that permit when he is unable to commence or recommence work within the time required by this section for good and satisfactory reasons. The Building Official may extend the time for action by the permittee for a period not exceeding a total of one calendar year from the time of the initial permit application upon written request by the permittee showing that circumstances beyond the control of the permittee have prevented action from being taken. Subject to approval of the Building Official, permits extended in this manner do not require additional permit fees. 

     2.  Requesting reinstatement of a permit which was expired for less than 30 days.

Any permittee holding a permit which was expired for less than 30 days may apply for a renewal of permit. Permit renewal fees must be paid in accordance with the fees established by the City Council.

     3.  Requesting reissuance of a permit which has been expired for one year or more. 

Any permittee holding a permit which was expired for one year or more may apply for reissuance of the permit subject to compliance with current regulations and payment of full plan check and permit fees. Plans must be resubmitted for plan check. For the purpose of permit extension, renewal, and reissuance, multiple permits of the same structure such as building, foundation, retaining wall, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits are considered as one permit. Each separate permit with work completed entirely before suspension or abandonment is not subject to renewal or reissuance.

Incomplete Construction

When a permit expires by time limit or is revoked, the incomplete construction for which the permit is issued shall constitute a public nuisance, and shall be abated in accordance with the procedure set forth in Chapters 16.02 of the Monterey Park Municipal Code.