Demolition Requirements

Demolition work could be involved with alteration or removal of a building. A demolition permit is required only if the entire building is to be removed. When multiple buildings on the same lot are to be removed, a separate demolition permit shall be issued for each building. When demolition work is associated with an addition or a remodel, the demolition work is covered under the building permit for the addition or remodel. 

Vacant Lot Restrictions
When the removal of a building or multiple buildings on the same lot results in establishment of a vacant lot, approval from the Planning Division is required prior to the issuance of a demolition permit. Such approval is contingent upon compliance with Ordinance No. 2083 of the City of Monterey Park.

AQMD Qualifications
When more than 100 square feet of building materials are to be removed, state laws require that the contractor must notify Air Quality Management District (AQMD) at least ten days before removal work takes place, and a copy of the notification shall be given to the building department when obtaining a permit for the renovation or demolition. Please note that enforcement of AQMD regulations is not within the building department’s jurisdiction. Issuing a permit or approving an inspection by the Building and Safety does not wave the permittee’s responsibilities for complying with AQMD requirements.

Photos for the Historical Society
To keep a record of buildings that are to be demolished or to have a significant change in appearance, the Monterey Park Historical Society requires that digital photos taken from all sides of the building be submitted to the Building and Safety before a permit for demolition or renovation is issued. The photos should include at least two front views. Additional shots may be required for buildings of larger size or higher historical significance. All photos shall be submitted in JPEG format on a CD.

Vector Control Report
For a Demolition Permit to remove any residential building, a Vector Control Report from the County Health Department is required. To obtain a Vector Control Report, please contact the Health Department at 626-430-5450.

Cal/OSHA Permit
When a building to be demolished is higher than three stories or 36 feet, or the demolition work would require a five feet or deeper excavation into which a person needs to descend, the contractor must first obtain an industrial permit from the Cal / OSHA before the demolition permit can be issued. Please contact their district office at 626-472-0046.

Construction Debris Management Program
Whenever a project involves removal of more than 1,000 square feet building area, the project must comply with the city’s Construction Debris Management Program. Please refer to a separate information bulletin for details.   

Temporary Use of Public Right-of-Way
No building materials or dumpsters should be placed within the public right of way. Where special conditions warrant temporary use of the public right-of-way, approval must be first obtained from the Public Works Department.

Pedestrian Protection
Railing, fence or canopy for pedestrian protection, if required per Table 33-A of the Building Code, shall be provided before commencement of demolition work.

Protection of Adjoining Properties
Requirements for protecting the adjoining properties before an excavation for a demolition or construction are defined in California Civil Code, Section 832.

Water and Sewer Caps
Water and sewer lines shall be capped off at a point within five feet of the property line, and extend vertically 12 to 18 inches above grade.

Swimming Pool Demolition
The top three feet of the pool structure shall be demolished and removed.  Where the proposed finish grade of back fill is lower than the existing grade, the three feet shall be measured from the proposed finish grade.  The lower portion of the pool may remain, if adequate drainage from the pool is provided. A ten square foot hole at each low spot, for example, is deemed adequate drainage.

Compaction Certification
Back fill to excavation of footings, basement, swimming pools, etc., and the fill to elevate the existing grade, shall be done under the supervision of a geo-technical engineer, and be certified by the engineer. A compaction certification, wet stamped and signed by a qualified engineer, shall be submitted to the Building and Safety before approval of a demolition permit. Absent of a demolition permit, it shall be submitted before excavation of new foundations.