Business License

Welcome to Monterey Park. The City requires all businesses within City limits to have a valid business license. Doing business in the City, even temporarily, is defined as being in or entering the City to conduct business. This includes businesses based in other cities that enter Monterey Park as part of their work, such as contractors and delivery companies.

Please note that although a business license may be obtained separately at any time, you must complete all other applicable filings, permits, or approvals required based on the nature of your business before you can open your business. For more information, please go to "Starting a Business in Monterey Park."

The easiest and fastest way to apply for a new business license or renew your current license is by using the online filing method. To begin, simply click the links below.


Start here if you are applying for a business license for the first time.


Start here to renew your current business license for another year.


Start here to pay a balance due on an established account with the City. Please do not use this option to renew your license.


Close a business license if you plan to discontinue operating a business in Monterey Park.


Search for a business that is licensed with the City of Monterey Park.


Request account information update.


Report a problem.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or by phone at (626) 307-1385 from Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 6:00 pm (PST).